Updating ASA for Websense Email Security v7.0 to v7.3

  1. Download the Anti-Spam Agent update on to the same machine as Websense Email Security by clicking on the links below.
  2. Save the downloaded files in the Websense Email Security program folder. This will overwrite the older files with the same filenames.
  3. In the Windows registry, locate HKLM\Software\SurfControl plc\SuperScout Email Filter\Server. Make sure the RiskFilter Path key points to a file named ScoutRF.flt. If the RiskFilter path points to a different file, re-name that file to ScoutRF.flt.
  4. Rename the scoutasa.flt file to ScoutRF.flt. This will overwrite the previous file with the same filename.
  5. Stop and then restart the Rules Service.
  6. The new Anti-Spam Agent components will now be used in rules. A confirmation of a successful update will appear in the Monitor. 
    Example: AntiSpamAgentPI Patterns File (date) Load OK.

Download ASA update files for Websense Email Security:

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